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Scavenger Hunt Mania

Thinking about treasure hunts yesterday, reminded me of the awesome bunk Scavenger Hunts we have at camp!

Every session, on the second night of camp, we have a camp-wide Scavenger Hunt! It is an awesome way to figure out where everything is at on camp and to get to know your bunkmates really quickly!  Its not a race, but an adventure with clues and challenges for your friends to complete.



Before you begin, most bunks create team spirit by dressing up in funny costumes, making fake moustaches, and even painting their faces. Check out these bunks’ outfits!

Your bunk with travel around camp together solving clues like the ones below. Can you figure out which places on camp these clues are about?

Outdoor theater to sing and dance. Within North’s view. It’s your big chance

Be our guest! Take the time to view this in-ground sculpture!

The Workshop Shark lurks in this outdoor area.

Once you figure out a clue, then, you bunk team will be asked to complete a fun task, get to know you game or challenge.  If you are bored one day, you could even try some of these at home!

Scavenger Hunt Games:

Find a white tic-tac in a big bowl of flour.

Lean your head back and place a cookie on your forehead. Then try to catch the cookie in your mouth when you bring up your head. No hands!

Create a bunk flag!

Have a ten-second dance party!

Pass a balloon around the circle with your friends without using your hands.

Pick a modern phrase and change it into Shakespearean language!

Create your own fake mustache!

Fill out a comment below and tell us your favorite task or an idea you have for a new Scavenger Hunt game!