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Reverse Day, Alumni Event, and Friday Night

Reverse Day, Alumni Event, and Friday Night

Hello parents!  Today is the reverse day!  Harry Potter and Hermione cast a spell incorrectly and now everything switched around!  This morning we had pizza for breakfast and tonight we will have breakfast for dinner!  Classes are all switched around too!  The kiddos started their day in minors and after rest hour they will go going to majors.  

This evening we will have our Alumni Event, An Evening With Friends at Appel Farm.  This is a wine and cheese social held in the dance studio.  Alumni will be able to get something to eat while meeting with friends from long ago.  It’s so much fun to catch up!  For some alumni, it has been years since they’ve been back, for others they never left.  

After the event alumni will be welcomed to stay for the Friday Night Concert!  The campers will be MCing, dancing, acting, and singing up on stage!  They do it all!  It’s so much fun for alumni to see a Friday Night Concert again and remember all their fond memories of performing at Appel Farm!  

On CampInTouch today you can see photos from the Group Workshops last night and today’s classes will be posted later today.