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Rainy Day at Appel Farm!

Today has been an interesting day at Appel Farm! Today, we enjoyed our majors as usual, where campers are getting into the grove of their department and projects. Later in the afternoon we headed to our minors, when we were interrupted by a thunderstorm! We’re incredibly proud of how flexible our campers were when we moved afternoon free time to the dining hall. During our afternoon free time campers had a chance to mingle with new friends, play a game with new campers, read, or just hang out!


Next, campers headed to their bunks for some bunk activities. During this first week bunk area activities are a vital time for campers to bond and feel connected to their peers. Check out the photo gallery for photos from the various activities bunks were participating in; including games, spa activities, crafts, and more!


Tomorrow is an especially exciting day because camper get to go on department trips! Check out the blog tomorrow to hear about all of the adventures! *”To Kill A Mockingbird” & Music Concert 1 performance photos are now available on the photo gallery!*