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Somewhere Over the Rainbow…

We had an exciting LAST Saturday today! It’s unbelievable that our first session is almost over. It feels like time have flown by us, but also like we’ve known these campers their entire lives. We will be sad to see them go! Tonight, we had our dinner dance! The dinner dance is a night many campers look forward to their whole session. Our theme was “Wizard of Oz” and everyone embraced it fully. The dining hall was decked out in decorations from hay stacks to the emerald city. The staff dived right into the festivities and dressed up as various characters and aspects of the movie. It was a blast! The campers had a chance to sit with their groups of choice as counselors served them whatever they pleased, including various shaped of pb&j. After dinner, we went to the pavilion to dance our hearts out on the last Saturday of camp!


Check the photo gallery for photos from dinner and the dance!