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Process Art & Artist’s Postcards

Let’s Create Artist’s Postcards

Invitation to Create

‘Invitation to create’ is a phrase used to describe the set-up for a process-based approach to making art. It’s easy! You simply set up art materials in an inviting way for another person to explore.

By presenting only art materials paired with an action (“Let’s make postcards!”) and leaving out a sample, makers can jump right into the art of exploration. If you want to do this at home, download a lesson plan, here.


  • Watercolor
  • Paper
  • Washi Tape
  • Watercolor
  • Paints
  • Markers
  • Anything else you want to explore!

Trust the Process

In process art, there is no right way to create! For these post cards, taping the paper into quarters can help guide cutting later, but it’s not necessary.

Once your art supplies are layed out, put on some music and see where the materials take you!

Caregivers can use this time to co-create with their young artist, choosing words that encourage both artistic risks and social-emotional growth.

“I see you’re making really careful decisions about your art.”

“I notice you’re really taking your time…”

“I wonder what will to happen when you add those colors!”

When we allow ourselves let go of the idea of what our finished product should be, we begin to play with the freedom of exploration and discovery!

Putting trust in the process gives art makers the opportunity to slow down and learn about art materials and how they interact with one another. We also learn more about our own relationship with art-making.

Beautiful Oops!

We can practice embracing the art of making a ‘Beautiful Oops,’ when we stop looking at mistakes as a failure to replicate an ideal and begin to recognize them as a way to expand our ideas and problem solve creatively!

Artist’s Postcard Snail Mail!

Kristina, Olive, and Julia are all staying connected, staying creative, and sending their creations through snail mail to friends all over the world! Will you get in on the fun? Will you see an artist’s postcard in your own mailbox?

If you get one, share them with us on Facebook and Instagram! Post it with the hashtags #stayconnectedstaycreative #appelfarmforlife!