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Women, Media, Power=Miss Representation

“Girls get the message from very early on that what is most important is how they look; that their value, their worth, depends on that.”

“There is no appreciation for women intellectuals.  It is all about the body, not about the brain.”

“If guys don’t show their masculine side, they are looked at as less than a man.”

These are two quotes from the independent, documentary film “Miss Representation” by film maker Jennifer Siebel Newsom.  Miss Representation was a 2011 Sundance Film Festival selection.

One of the things that I love most about Appel Farm is that as a whole, it is a community that values talent, intellect, humor and humanity over the way a person looks. At Appel Farm, a person’s worth is measured by their “core” (no pun intended)!  Appel Farm is unique and special in this regard, especially when you think about how much emphasis is placed on a person’s beauty in today’s media culture.


A film, brunch and art event.

On March 10th, Miss Representation will be screened at the historic HiWay Theater in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, at 10am. After the screening, viewers will be invited to view an exhibition of artwork honoring women of substance: women who changed the world, not because of their beauty, but because of their brains!  Women such as Hillary Clinton, Eva Hess and Amelia Earhart.  Brunch will also be served. 100% of ticket, sponsor, and t-shirt profits will benefit the Girls Inc. Media Literacy® program in Philadelphia, which encourages girls to think critically about the media and its effects on girls. Girls Inc. inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.

Appel Farm is in LOVE with this cause!

Click HERE for more information and to attend this awesome event!  Check out the film’s trailer below.