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Pizza…for breakfast?

We usually serve cereal, eggs, pancakes, and other traditional breakfast foods, but sometimes, something strange happens, and then something even stranger happens: we have pizza…for breakfast!

It’s Reverse Day at Appel Farm Arts Camp! Campers never know when it might happen…

When Lu Ann and Cleetus will crash their time musheen at Appel Farm, and REVERSE TIME until they take off after a long, backwards day.

Or when the evil super villain will REVERSE TIME just to mess with Super Girl, and the campers at Appel Farm.

Or when local senior citizens will find the fountain of youth in Beauty and the Beast and REVERSE TIME.

Or when aliens will land on camp, and REVERSE TIME… You get the picture?

Anyway, it happens almost every summer, and our campers are excellent at going with the flow, flowing backwards from Dinner at 8:30 am, followed by our Evening Activity, Minors in the morning, Majors in the afternoon, Breakfast, and ending their strange day with Early Bird Activities! We are usually able to get things back to normal before the next morning, but I bet you’ll be wondering until you see your favorite breakfast food on the buffet!

Campers working with Super Girl to fight the evil villain, campers enjoying an Early Bird coffee and newspaper party, camper in a ceramics major getting into the Reverse Day spirit!