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Photo & Video At Appel Farm!

Photo & Video At Appel Farm!


The Photography program at Appel Farm is a 35mm black and white film photography program. This is not Instagram. This is a film in a camera.

Campers bring their cameras to camp, and Appel Farm provides everything else they need. See below for details about finding the right kind of camera! Campers start by learning how their cameras work and how to load film. They study composition, subject, and lighting, and shoot photos using new knowledge of f-stops and shutter speed. Develop your film and make prints in one of two darkrooms on camp and participate in informal class critiques while learning the history of photography.

Majors focus on General Photography but minors change every summer to reflect the unique strengths of current staff. Past minors have included Portrait, Mixed Media Photography, Bookmaking, and Alternative Process Photo.

 What camera should I bring?

Most campers bring their own camera, maybe one they have already, or can borrow from a family member. It is important that the camera is a 35mm camera with manual focus, exposure, loading, advance, and rewind. If you want to invest in a camera for your camper, we recommend a specific camera, which you can buy new or used: the Nikon FM10 35mm SLR Camera with 35-70mm Lens. Click here to find more details about this camera.

  • Learn the art of producing, screenwriting, directing, filming, and editing
  • Gain experience using professional digital video equipment and Final Cut Pro editing suites
  • Complete collaborative projects with an emphasis on process-based learning
  • Play a key role in a short film shown to the camp community at the close of each session

Video Majors

Our Video program is about storytelling through the medium of digital video. Campers’ ideas come to life under the supervision and advisement of our expert staff members. Campers work on short films, documentaries, comedies, or dramas. Video campers experience every aspect of film production, including producing, screenwriting, directing, filming, and editing in a supportive environment. In this department, anything’s possible with just a pinch of cinematographic magic!

Major Classes

  • Video

Video Minors

Every year, our video department updates classes to best suit the strengths of our staff members.


Examples of Past Minor Classes

  • Live Action Video, Animation, Green Screen Video, Silent Movie Making, Music Videos, Appel Farm News.

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