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Performing and Exhibiting @ Appel Farm: The Power of a Supportive Audience

Appel Farm: The best audience in town!

We often say there is no better audience then an Appel Farm audience. Our campers and staff can always be counted on to give a supportive “woo” and thundering round of applause to those on stage or to observe and appreciate with care and compassion exhibited works. Whether its a Friday Night concert, the 2-week showcase, a play or photography show during performance week, the minor showcase or an open mic in the library, perfomance and exhibition opportunities abound at Appel Farm. We encourage all of our campers to have a turn on stage or to showcase their work in an art or photo show or submit work to be published in the Appel Core, our literary magazine, because we know the sharing our art with others is a great way to build self-esteem and confidence!

Having a supportive audience, one who will not judge you, but instead offers encouragement and constructive feedback is key in creating an environment in which campers feel safe to take artistic risks which leads to learning and growth. Check out some great photos of our BRAVE campers performing or exhibiting their art during Camp 2015!

Performing And Exhibiting

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