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A Perfect Fortune For Appel Farm Arts Camp

“Be brave enough to live creatively,” read the little inspirational strip of paper inside my fortune cookie.

We are all born naturally creative. I am sure every single person reading this blog remembers the solidity of a thick crayon between their fingers or remembers the feel of brushing paint on paper while standing at a wooden easel in a pre school classroom. But creativity is not just about drawing or painting (or playing music, singing or performing in a play for that matter.) Even the act of learning how to speak – of stringing together a series of words to form a sentence – or attempting to make a friend laugh by learning how to tell a joke is a creative endeavor. Figuring out the solution to a difficult problem, whether in math or in a social situation, requires creativity. Creativity is where everything begins; it is essential to success in life.

Cultivating creativity is what Appel Farm does best. Every time we encourage a camper to collaborate with a friend to put together an act for a Friday Night Concert or every time we give them the last minute task of coming up with a costume for the secret theme of our Dinner Dance or every time we challenge campers to work out a creative compromise with another camper, Appel Farm is cultivating creativity.

In the spirit of creativity, here are some fun fortune cookie–themed art projects.

  1. Use fortune cookie fortunes to create a kitschy and thought-provoking collage. Arrange your favorite fortunes together on a sheet of paper and glue in place.
  2. Instead of using the fortune cookies in the art itself, you can use what’s inside for inspiration in your next artistic endeavor. Read a fortune cookie and consider the words and how you would interpret the idea into an art project. For example, if your fortune read “you will soon be surrounded by good friends and laughter,” you could paint this scene.
  3. For this project, cut a roll of magnet tape into fortune sized strips and then glue your favorite fortunes to the magnetic tape. Place your magnets on your refrigerator for a daily dose of inspiration.

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