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Introducing Coconut and Kiwi

Introducing Coconut and Kiwi

My name is Melissa and I am the Head of North and the two-week Painting and Drawing Instructor. Campers who have lived at North or taken my class, or simply just walked by my bunk and heard singing, squealing and squawking (and no, I am not referring to the sound of me singing and playing my ukulele!), have met my two parakeets, Lemon and Tweetles. They live in my bunk during the summer and once a session, I bring them over to the art barn where they become models for a lesson on life drawing.

It is difficult to draw a living, moving being. Parakeets make the worst models – they refuse to sit still! To draw them, you must be patient and flexible. You can draw them in arrested movement or you can try to capture their inquisitive and playful energy. You have to be willing to adjust and change your drawing continuously. In my Painting and Drawing class, this is our first drawing assignment and everyone’s finished work of art is always so unique and interesting! Here is a piece by camper Olivia Bullock from last summer:

Now I have to tell you some sad news: Lemon passed away last week from an upper respiratory infection. Tweetles was taken to the Veterinarian Hospital Emergency Room to be treated for the same infection. They gave her oxygen, hydration and two tiny shots of antibiotics and I am happy to say that she is on the road to recovery!

Parakeets are very social and Tweetles was depressed when Lemon died. So, we adopted two parakeets to keep her company. Our new parakeets are named Coconut and Kiwi. Coconut is pure white and Kiwi is gray and purple.

So this summer, campers in my two week class will get to draw 3 parakeets instead of two! Be sure to stop by my bunk to meet them!

Has a pet ever inspired you to make a piece of art?