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Our campers are reaching out, cleaning up, and making positive contributions.

Community Outreach

This summer, our campers will get involved, reach out to our partners, and share their talents and everything they are learning at camp with our community.

Outreach programs offer a very special opportunity for sharing a wealth of talent with children and adults in the region who often have very little access to the arts. Campers and staff organize programs ranging from concerts, skits, and dance performances to hands-on arts workshops for young and old. In working with people who rarely have opportunities to engage in arts activities, our campers become teachers and gain new insights into the impact of the arts on other people’s lives. Outreach programs are held at community centers, assisted living facilities, special needs camps, and other venues, giving invaluable opportunities to perform and work with audiences of diverse backgrounds and needs. Many campers discover that arts outreach programs are one of their most meaningful experiences of the summer.

Bunk Clean-Up & Community Responsibilities

Bunk Clean-Up

Campers clean their bunks every day! Campers make their own beds and straighten their cubbies, and they work together with their bunkmates and counselors to sweep or vacuum the floor, and clean the bathroom. All of the bunks work to keep the area outside their bunks tidy, too.

Does this sound fun? How about ice cream?

To be sure everything is getting clean and disinfected, our team of Bunk Fairies and Camp Nurses inspect and score bunks on cleanliness every day. At the end of each 2 and 4-week session, the bunks with the highest scores for cleanliness will have an ice cream party!

Each bunk has a chore chart, so campers have a new chore each day. Some bunks include fun chores, like Bunk DJ, so start thinking about what songs you’ll play to get everyone excited about cleaning!

Community Responsibilities

Community responsibilities are an integral part of the Appel Farm experience, through which campers learn how to live in a community, and to be more conscious of others’ needs. Staff and campers from each bunk work together on a different Community Responsibility each week. They set the tables before meals, and help to stack chairs after meals, so the Dining Hall staff can sweep. They supervise Evening Snack, and keep Appel Farm beautiful by making sure the grounds are clear of litter. One of our most important responsibilities is working in our organic garden. Campers will help maintain flowerbeds, pull weeds, plant vegetables, or pick and clean vegetables for the salad bar. It’s always fun to eat the veggies you plant with your own hands!

“Each camper contributes, in the garden, in the Dining Hall, in the bunks. And each camper benefits. Appel Farm is such a loving community…we can do so much when we work together.” — Albert Appel, Founder