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Nothing's Better Than Free Time with Your Best Bud!

Nothing’s Better Than Free Time with Your Best Bud!

There’s only one thing you can predict during Bunk Activities, you’re bound to have a blast!

At Appel Farm, community is key. Campers spend hours each day with their best friends, hanging out, talking, and making memories. Each bunk area has its own unique culture that changes and evolves every summer. You can never predict exactly what’s going to be a hit from one year to the next.

That’s just what happens when you get creative, like-minded people together in a place that encourages you to be

whoever you want to be. You can expect to make great friends and do all those silly, weird things that best buds do. This kind of thing happens every single dingle night in bunk activities!

South _MG_0330

The bunk area that boasts the youngest campers at the farm, South, also boasts the most fabulous nails!
Everyone loves getting nails painted and glittered on a balmy summer afternoon. But, you can also see southies cooling off together with one of their signature water fights. Everyone’s a winner when you’re beating the heat!


The North Bunk area is home to some of the most athletic campers (and counselors) on camp. With all that energy, North campers will spend free time kicking around a soccer ball or just running on the field near the apple tree (or Appel trees?).

For those campers who’d rather sit and enjoy some more strategic gaming, there’s the old camp tradition known as “Magic: The Gathering”. This fast-paced, math-based trip into improbable creatures and distant lands has entranced Appel Farmers for decades (yes, plural)!



Coop kids also love to game with magic and strategy. In the Summer of 2015, campers could be found at picnic tables, chatting with the voices of fantastic creatures as they explored the world of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). Our creative campers put their improv acting skills to work in a game that demands imagination, attention, and, of course, one whale of a great time!

Any Cooper who didn’t want to inhabit a role play persona could be found jamming out, talking about big issues, or challenging each other to make a huge amount of origami paper cranes. Seriously, a massive amount of paper cranes!


Our oldest campers on the block are also the Monarchs of the Mountain, who live on the very top of the Hill. Burgeoning adulthood is no deterrent of a healthy amount of silliness. On any given day, you might see a Hill folk in a full, costumed makeover or wandering around the lawns in a wedding dress (which are so generously provided by our costuming department). You might even see an impromptu performance, with musical accompaniment. There was certainly no shortage of ukuleles last year!


There’s no shortage of games and activities to play at the Hill bunk area, either. In 2015, Hill relaxed and bonded over all manner of well-designed board games (provided by our own Yann Burrett). If you’re not into that, how about some chalk drawings on the patio? There’s never a dull moment at the Hill bunk!

If having non-stop fun with your best friends sounds like a great way to spend a summer, you should give Appel Farm Arts Camp a call. This summer’s bound to be one for the books, but only you can make it your own. We can’t wait to see you there!