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New Year's Resolutions – Appel Farm Style!


Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions yet? Try one of these fun and easy resolutions to get the ball rolling!

Every year at this time people all over the world are resolving to do something better, try something new, try something again, develop a new habit, and the list goes on and on. Many people find it difficult to stick to their resolutions and as a result the entire concept has become a bit of  joke for some. However, the guiding principal behind making a New Year’s resolution is the desire to make yourself better in some way, or as we call it at Appel Farm, personal growth. At Appel Farm, we think personal growth is so important that it is one of our core values along with safety, community, and fun! Everything we do at camp, from the amazing classes, bunk area activities, workshops, and guest artists to the fireside chats and open mics is in someway tied to helping our campers and staff experience personal growth.

It is always fun to see campers who were shy in their bunk learn to make new friends, who were nervous to show people their art stand proudly next to their pieces in their art show, or who were scared to perform for others get up at a Friday Night Concert and read a poem they wrote. The amount of personal growth our campers experience each summer is extraordinary, and a huge part of what make Appel Farm so special.

One of the reasons keeping resolutions is hard in the ‘real world’ is the lack of support people get. The world is full of critics and people who do not believe you can actually make yourself better, but not at Appel Farm. Here, we truly believe that each person – child or adult – has innate talent waiting to be developed, and we strive to create a supportive and cooperative environment to explore. Author and researcher Brene Brown writes,

“Raising children who are hopeful and who have the courage to be vulnerable means stepping back and letting them experience disappointment, deal with conflict, learn how to assert themselves, and have the opportunity to fail. If we’re always following our children into the arena, hushing the critics, and assuring their victory, they’ll never learn that they have the ability to dare greatly on their own.”

We have the privilege to watch many young people learn how to “dare greatly” each summer at Appel Farm, and look forward to seeing many more in the future.

So this New year, we challenge you to take a note from Appel Farm and make personal growth one of your core values. Whether that means going to bed earlier, running a 5K, or reading more books just do SOMETHING this year that moves you towards being your best self. And if you can’t think of anything here are a few easy ones to get you started 🙂




































































And lastly… I mean its for your health!