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New Dates for Camp 2019!

New Dates for Camp 2019!

As we start to gear up for Summer 2019, we have a major update for you with regard to Camp 2019 Check-In and Check-Out dates!

We spent time this fall talking to camp families, hearing your feedback about the check-in and check-out process, classes, and performances, and we have made changes to our calendar that we know will make this summer even better than the last.

In 2019, all Check-In, Check-Out, and Visiting Days will fall on SUNDAYS. 

Showcases at the end of each session will fall on SATURDAYS, giving more of our families the opportunity to make it to their camper’s performances. Some performances, such as the 4-week musical, will still be performed in the evening throughout the last week of Sessions 2 and 4. Exact dates are as follows:


Check-In: Sunday, June 23
Check-Out: Sunday, July 7
Visiting Day #1: Sunday, July 7


Check-In: Sunday, July 7
Check-Out: Sunday, July 21
Visiting Day #2: Sunday, July 21


Check-In: Sunday, July 21
Check-Out: Sunday, August 4
Visiting Day #3: Sunday, August 4


Check-In: Sunday, August 4
Check-Out: Sunday, August 18

We hope that this change will work for your family! We think it will allow more families to see their child’s performances, add class time, and improve the camper experience when transitioning from session to session. For some families, this adds a whole extra day of camp – and we know there’s nothing better than that!

If you have questions about our new session dates, please feel free to reach out to us in the camp office at 856-358-2472. We will be happy to talk through our new plans with you.

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