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My Thankful Heart

A thankful heart is a happy heart, and we are thankful
for each of you!

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Community is one of our core values at Appel Farm. We believe in the power of connection in people’s lives, and strive to help young people develop the social and communication skills they need to connect to a wide range of diverse people. During this season of thanksgiving, we at Appel Farm Arts Camp are grateful for each and everyone of the special people who belong to our community. Each one of you, whether campers, alumni, staff, parents, or donors have contributed to Appel Farm becoming the loving and accepting community it is today.

In the spirit of thanksgiving, here is a fun and creative way for the members of your community to come together and give thanks. Click the link above for instruction on how to create your very own “Thankful Tree.” A unique way for each member of your community to express what their hearts are grateful for!