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Musical Instruments at Risk?



Not at Appel Farm Arts Camp!

An underappreciated issue facing our world today is the tragic neglect of musical instruments.

Luckily some people are beginning to speak out on this issue as Mr. Fontaine, a concerned teacher, does in this video.

While he enlightens us of the unspeakable sadness of instruments left at school overnight, we see an even more tragic trend of instruments being left at home all summer!

Why people do this, we cannot say. Maybe they don’t realize all the fun they can have with their instrument at camp…

If you bring your instrument to camp, you play really cool music in majors and minors, like Elmer Pops did this past summer!

If you bring your instrument to camp, you can join a rock band! Look at Cheyanne rocking out on flute!

If you bring your instrument to camp, you can show your instrument some love outside of majors and minors! Amanda performed this number on her tuba at a Camper Counselor Concert!

Please think of your instrument friend this summer. They miss you when you leave home and Appel Farm is very happy to help you care for them and find fun things to play on them. Even if you don’t choose to study your instrument this summer, bring it along! Who knows when you might want to play it! We have safe, air conditioned facilities to store any instruments accompanying campers.

Help fight instrument neglect and bring your instrument to camp this summer!