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We Love Our 2-Weekers!

It has been an amazing weekend at Appel Farm! Yesterday, we had the 2-week showcase, which was incredible! You could see all of the work and effort they put into their shows, and how much fun they had during their two weeks at camp. Although it was heartbreaking to see them leave, they presented us with amazing talent. Yesterday, the showcase started with the horseback riding crew, who showed us some impressive moves right here at Appel Farm. Next we had our theater performance, where our two-week campers put their own spin on a production of Macbeth, which put a modern spin on the classic Shakespeare play. You definitely had to remind yourself they’d only been working on it for two weeks.

After dinner we went to the Art Gallery to see the art and photo show. There were very impressive works by our campers, including some mosaic ceramic tiles, beautiful abstract work, self-portrait drawings, 3-D animal sculptures, model homes, prints, and some photos that were developed and printed in the darkroom. Following the art gallery we moved back to the theater to watch the art & technology pieces, as well as, the sport & swim feature. Finally, we concluded the night with our dance show. The show was themed “Life is About Experiences” and mixed acts of dance with pieces of spoken word. The spoken word was written and performed by campers from the spoken word minor. When the show was over, we sang a farewell to our campers, “Happy Together” by The Turtles, to let them know how much they mean to us! To get everyone’s’ spirits up, we ended the night with some well-deserved cake.

Check back tomorrow to see the photos from the 2-week showcase! We miss them already!