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Beach Day!

Happy Tuesday from Appel Farm! It’s crazy that were are already into the second week and past the half-way point for our 2-week campers. Yesterday, campers enjoyed immersing themselves more into their majors and minors. Then, for evening activity we had a special treat! We were fortunate to enjoy a performance by a guest artist! The Next Stage Ensemble of the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey performed their version of “Twelfth Night”. The Next Stage Ensemble tours as part of the companies educational outreach. The kids love the performance, as well as the Q&A with the cast. It was especially exciting because many of the cast are from the east coast!


Today, everyone is excited because it’s BEACH DAY! Beach day is an opportunity to enjoy the water, layout on the beach, play games with friends, get ice cream from town, visit the arcade, and more! Then, later tonight after everyone  is in cozy, non-sandy clothes, we have movie night! It has been a great start of our second week, and we look forward to more!