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March Monday Motivation Madness

March Monday Motivation Madness

It is a cold March day.  I long for warmer weather!  I am thinking about painting, but am feeling uninspired.       

I look out the window at the heavy, cold, gray sky. Soon, this cold, steel-gray light will turn to the cool, robin’s egg-blue of spring and then to the hot, bright, chlorine-blue of summer and in the fall, to a warm, burning-leaf orange.

At capturing the fleeting color and light of different seasons, Paul Cezanne was the master.  “En Plein-air”, a French term for “in the open air”, describes the act of painting outdoors. In the days before photography, Cezanne would brave all types of weather in his quest to capture the changing light with oil on canvas.

Here are some examples of Plein-air landscapes by Cezanne, each with distinctly different color and light:


Soon winter will be over.  Before it’s too late, I challenge you to create a piece of art inspired by the light and color of early March.  To further inspire you, I’ve included a poem about March by writer John Updike.


The sun is nervous

            As a kite

That can’t quite keep

            Its own string tight.

Some days are fair

            And some are raw.

The timid earth

            Decides to thaw.

Shy budlets peep

            From twigs on trees

And robins join

            The chickadees.

Pale crocuses

            Poke through the ground

Like noses come

            To sniff around.

The mud smells happy

            On our shoes.

We still wear mittens,

            Which we lose.