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Majors, Campfires, and Concerts! Oh My!

Majors, Campfires, and  Concerts! Oh My!

The campers are back in their majors today and they are working hard! There are photos on CampInTouch from many department trips. These trips were not only covered by our documentarians, but also by some of our other counselors too; including: Zoungy, Igor, and Eris whose photos are already uploaded.  This is the first time we have covered these trips so we are very excited to have those photos for you to enjoy!

Tonight the kiddos are very excited for the World Fair Campfire!  Counselors from all different countries and states will have booths that will teach kids about their heritage in a silly and engaging way.  A few of the countries at the campfire include Australia, Great Britain, Brazil, and Italy.  

The photos from the kids first Friday Night Concert are now posted on CampInTouch.  There were many wonderful performances.  The campers here have a wide range of talents that make for an interesting show.   They all dazzled us last night!