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Lost and Fabulous!

Lost and Fabulous

Getting back your forgotten items has never looked so good!

At Appel Farm Arts camp, all the fun of summertime activities can mean that little items get left behind here or there. That’s no big deal, one item added to the lost and found every now and again couldn’t be so much to sort through, right?


By the end of the session, there’s always a huge pile of clothes, accessories, and random objects waiting to be brought home. So many items are left behind in the wake of the all our fun that staff can hardly make heads or tails of it all. Even unlabeled items need to find their way back to their owners. Such a big task must be a real chore, right?

Also, wrong!

Appel Farm Arts Camp seldom misses an opportunity to turn a big job into a fun job!

At the end of the session, during the last lunch we all spend together, staff members volunteer to strut their stuff in the bi-annual Appel Farm Arts Camp Lost & Found Fashion Show!

Staff members pile as much clothes as they can onto their bodies and catwalk throughout the entire dining hall and patio while an announcer declares the various items displayed in the lineup. If a camper sees an item that belongs to them, they’re free to pluck it off of the models as they walk past. Otherwise, campers can let their items stay on the models until the very end and collect their recovered items in the “Lost & Found” area in the breezeway.

Who wouldn’t want to let our models show off their style for as long as possible? Just look at this image of Brendan Latran being appropriately fabulous!

The Appel Farm Arts Camp Lost & Found Fashion Show is a super fun last resort! If you want to keep track of your stuff and out of the fashion show, put your name on everythign before you come to camp! Or, order name labels for your clothes! Try these partners: Name BubblesStuck on You USAStahls’ Hotronix