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Itty Bitty Art Starts

Sell your TV! Make Art!

I am writing this blog in the heart of bitter winter weather. I am curled up, warm at home, bundled under a blanket. The television is on and I am content. How cozy I am! Life is good.
But something is niggling at the back of my brain. Life could be better. A little voice is saying, “don’t be so lazy!” and pointing out the obvious truth: “TV is going to rot your brain.” That little voice reminds me: it has been a long, long time since I’ve made any art. That irritating, little voice is making it very, very hard for me to relax, guilt-free.
The truth is – it is hard to start a new project – whether it is a song, a short story, a poem, a painting. A blank canvas or an empty lined sheet of paper is daunting.  After years of facing this hard truth, I have finally figured out a way to trick myself into being productive.
Here’s my trick – I work REALLY, REALLY small. I call these small pieces of art Itty-Bitty Art Starts. Because they are small, they require little time, energy or investment. They are throw away pieces of art that serve a greater purpose: my Itty-Bitties are inroads into bigger, more “important” work.
I make Itty-Bitties while sitting on the couch, under a blanket, and get this – even, while watching TV! (Studies show that distraction allows the mind to wander which actually facilitates creativity.) An Itty-Bitty may start out as an inroad, but in reality, it is a seed which either sprouts into a bigger piece of art or, just simply gets me busy planting my garden.

Here is a picture of one recent  Itty-Bitty. It is 4 x 4” and was made out of a fragment of canvas I found and scraps of material and thread.

Here is a photo of my “art studio” (ahem – couch).

How do you motivate yourself to make art? I would love to hear your comments and maybe see some of your artistic inroads!

by Melissa Tevere
Lazy Winter Artist, Camp Mom, Head of North, Maker of Itty-Bitty Art Starts