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Letter Writing & Care Packages 101

 Letters and Emails

Campers love receiving mail, so write often! Letters, e-mails, and package notices are distributed to campers Monday through Saturday during rest hour. When you write a letter or e-mail, it’s nice to let your campers know all the “newsy” things that are going on at home. Ask focused questions about your child’s experience, let them know that you are proud of their accomplishments at camp so far, and assure them that everything is going well at home. Your letters and e-mail are your camper’s primary connection to you, and so it is important to avoid any worrisome information, and keep your letters upbeat!

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Helpful Hints

  • Click here to read E-xcellent Mail, and learn about Chris Thurber’s ideas on how to send a loving email that actually resembles a handwritten letter in content, if not in form.
  • Send a letter a few days before Check-In Day to be sure your camper gets mail on the first day of camp!
  • Get into a routine, and send an Email first thing every morning, or last thing at night.
  • You can send your camper an Email by clicking on the Email Your Camper button on the Current Parent Area of our website. It’s a big yellow button, or here’s a direct link:

Care Packages

Care packages are also great! Check out these companies that specialize in camp care packages, or you can make your own and include puzzles, frisbees, games, clothes, books, magazines, film, stationery, batteries, and stamps.

The Wrinkled EggSealed with a KissJust 4 Camp



What to send, and what not to send…

Please review the list of items prohibited at camp in your Camp Handbook, and do not send anything on the list, including food, candy, or gum. Campers open their care packages in the camp office, and a staff member will discard any prohibited items. It’s terrible to see your favorite cookies, and then not be able to enjoy them, so please don’t send them.



You can send letters and care packages to your camper at:

Camper Name, Bunk #
Appel Farm
PO Box 888 (or 457 Shirley Road for UPS, FedEx, etc.)
Elmer, NJ 08318