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Lazy Sunday!

Last night, right before dinner, black clouds started to creep over Appel Farm.  Preparing for a massive rainstorm, we all ran for shelter in the Dining Hall right in the nick of time.  Rain fell like a waterfall around us and managed to soak a few counselors who straggled behind. 

The rain didn’t dampen our spirits though!  It stop just in time for us to enjoy the World Campfire!  At this event, countries like England, Canada, America, Brazil, and Australia were represented at booths by counselors.  Australia was a big hit with their fairy bread which consisted of bread, butter and sprinkles.  The kiddos also had a great time playing pin the antler on the moose in Canada!

Today was a Lazy Sunday.  The kids got to sleep in this morning which they loved!  Today we have free time pretty much all day so the campers get to play with their friends, practice their skills, do crafts or take a nap.  If they do not want to stop learning then we have optional workshops going on all day.  Some great workshops available today are baking blueberry muffins with the blueberries picked by North, card tricks, book binding, and Hamilton.  We also have special guest photographer Dave Moser running a workshop!  

Happy Sunday everyone!