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June 28, 2015: First Day of Camp!

Today was a busy, eventful day at Appel Farm! Our campers have finally arrived and the Summer is ready to begin. Although everyone has said their goodbyes to loved ones, they’ve also said hello to so many new friends today. We’ve all met our bunk counselors and bunkmates, and are trying to remember all the names we’ve learned. Everyone gathered together tonight at our Welcome Extravaganza to watch the staff introduce themselves on stage so the campers can get to know who they will be spending their summer with. We saw performances from all the bunk areas, as well as the departments where the campers will take their classes. We’re all super excited to begin our majors and minors tomorrow!

To see all the fun that the campers are having, don’t forget to check the blog each day for a new post to update you about what’s going on at camp. We’ll also be adding pictures everyday, so click the link below to get a taste of a day in the life of an Appel Farm camper!