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July 8th, 2015

Today was a great day back to classes after yesterday’s Beach Day. We all got a great night of sleep and were recharged and ready to get to our majors and minors. Sadly our 2-weekers are almost done, but that means that they have some amazing work to show! We’re getting super excited for our mini-session showcase, which highlights all the great art, music, dances, videos, and plays that the campers have been so passionate about. We also got a chance to explore these different passions in our department workshops. Campers got the opportunity to sample different activities that they might not get the chance to do during majors & minors. Some of the workshop included creating spoofs to the balcony scene in Romeo & Juliet, how to nail an audition, making photograms, a drum circle, and filming a music video to name a few! Take a look at the photos to see the fun activities that everyone was able to participate in tonight.