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July 7th, 2015: Beach Day!

Today after majors, we had a very exciting trip to Avalon for Beach Day! This is a nice little break from classes, and gives everyone a chance to relax in the sun and sand (and eat some junk food). We had a lot of fun playing in the amazingly refreshing ocean, being fascinated with all the tiny clams that were washing up onto the beach. We were also able to walk the streets of Avalon, looking for ways to spend the $15 allotted for the day. It is always interesting to see the treasures that some of the campers come back with! After some time in the sand, we came back to camp, ate dinner, and then got to relax and watch some movies. This time, campers get to choose between watching Into the Woods, My Neighbor Totoro, Big Hero 6, and a Hunger Games film. This is a great time to wind down after getting tired out at the beach. Enjoy the photos from our trip as well as majors and minors from yesterday & today!