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July 2nd, 2015

Our campers have been here for four days, and already they are churning out some amazing work. It is amazing to see the talent and passion that these kids bring to Appel Farm. Our dancers are getting into their routines that they’ll be performing later, and it is already super impressive. All of the theater majors have gotten their scripts and are working on their characters. It is easy to tell that we’re in for an amazing performance week. There is film in the photographers cameras, and they are almost ready to start making prints in the darkroom. The Art Barn is always filled with campers making amazing works of art with their hands (and in some cases, feet). Take a look at the photos from yesterday’s majors and minors to see what everyone is working on!
Last night every bunk participated in Bunk Activities. This is an opportunity for campers to form even closer bonds with their bunkmates and counselors. Each bunk chose an activity like tie-dyeing, trash bag fashion shows, spa-day, made-up sports, and even a twizzler scavenger hunt. It’s not often that everyone from the bunk is able to hang out together, so it’s great to see everyone having such a good time as a group.
Check back tomorrow to see images from our very first Friday Night Concert!