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July 22nd, 2015

Even though we didn’t have any majors or minors yesterday, it was still super eventful and exciting, as it usually is here at Appel Farm. After breakfast we started out with our annual soccer game, this year it was Robots vs. Humans. No matter who won, it was great to get out on the field and be able to play a camp-wide game with staff and campers. Afterward, there was an incident with some shaving cream, as in we had an all-out (supervised) shaving cream fight on the soccer field. It was a nice time to get our hands dirty, run around, and let loose after a long week of practicing and performing.

Performance week is in full swing, and yesterday we were lucky enough to get to see TWO music concerts, as well as the play Eurydice. This was an interesting spin on a greek tragedy, and the cast was amazing!

Today we got to see the Video show, the Sports & Swim show, and the Visual Arts and Photography shows, as well as another play. Tonight we have our dance performance to look forward to, then we say our goodbyes at the campfire tonight. Stay tuned tomorrow for photos from today’s performances and shows!