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July 21st, 2015

We had another great day of performance week, and it was also the last day for majors and minors. Some of our performers had their concerts already, and most others are prepared and ready for their performances, so it was a day of solidifying everything for the week as well as spending time (for the last time) together as a class. Our dancers combined classes on the Grove Stage to perform for each other and make any last-minute changes and improvements. It’s going to look amazing in the theater on Thursday! The video department wrapped up their shooting so they can have everything edited by Thursday’s show. The visual arts department hung all the work in the gallery and conference rooms for their show. It’s hard to believe we can pack that much talent into our classrooms!

After our minors, we got to see our horseback riding showcase. It is pretty incredible to see gymnastics combined with horses. We go to see Cate, Daria, and Rebecca not only ride a horse around camp, but also stand up, bend over backwards, and flip off of a one! Check out the photos from the day to see their courageous moves.

The show for the night as The Miracle Worker, which is the story of Helen Keller. It was an amazing performance with Chenoa Yelle as Helen Keller and Sarah Willis as Annie Sullivan. The rest of the cast, including Judah Barnett, Shane Garry, Isadora Kianovsky, Rebekah Kline, James O’Driscoll, and Sofia Pollack also provided the audience with a breathtaking performance. Not only was the acting incredible, but the set design was also great and it took a lot of work! Julia Green, Zachary Solano, Nahdjah Luciano, Sarah Glass, Miri Leaderman Bray, Jenna Belebad, Tamasin Geoffrey, Tali Kamionkowsky, Ruby Wright, Armando Chavez, Zamira Froster, Zander Henderson, Sohia Smith, and Violet Randle all work behind the scenes on set design, stage crew, lighting and sound, and costume design to make sure the show came together so well. We can’t wait to see what else performance week has in store!