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July 20th, 2015

So much happened at camp today! We’re getting to our last days of majors and minors, so everyone is working hard to get ready for the festivities of performance week, which is underway! It is crazy to think that three weeks of camp have already flown by, though we still have so much to look forward to. The dancers are polishing up their routines for the show on Thursday, and the potters in the ceramic studio are finishing up their pieces so they can be fired in the kiln. Our costume and fashion design campers are finishing up the outfits for our upcoming shows so that the actors look amazing on stage. Stage crew is busy finishing up all the set pieces, and our musicians are solidifying all their awesome songs that they’ll be performing on Wednesday!

Today we got to see the first show of performance week, which was our musical, Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. It was a hilarious performance. Jake made an awesome wannabe villain, and Kayla played a perfect over-the-top master of evil. The show wouldn’t have been complete without the supporting characters, the chorus, and the band. It all came together perfectly come showtime.

In between our shows, we got to see which campers were “twinning” for Twin Day! This is a fun day where everyone can pick a twin (or triplet, or quadruplet…) and dress up, act like, or imitate that person to become their twin! Everyone was super creative, and it was hard to tell everyone apart at times. Take a look at the photos from the day to see the great sets of twins!

After dinner we had our Rock Concert at the pavilion. This is always a super fun performance, and everyone comes prepared with their blankets to sit on so they can relax in the field and watch everyone rock out. We had the pleasure of seeing 5 bands play, all of them incredible. We got to hear some Foo Fighters, Blink 182, Arctic Monkeys, Check Berry, Heart, The Animals, and the Runaways. There were also some creative band names who performed these songs, like Baby Band, Waligu and the Ukuleles, Rockin Minor One, Lucie and the Whales, and Striped Sweater. Check out the photos to see how hard everyone rocked!