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July 18th, 2015

This morning we received some devastating news…there were signs of a zombie apocalypse at Appel Farm. The CIT’s were the first to get infected. Luckily no other campers were made prey to the zombies, as the only thing they really did was interrupt lunch by performing the dance to Thriller by Michael Jackson.

Though we may have been on edge, our majors and minors went on as planned. Our 1-week campers already sound amazing in their theater rehearsal, and the campers in the art barn have already created some amazing pieces! Our musical, Dr. Horrible had a tech rehearsal today and it is all really coming together. It’s going to be a great and hilarious performance. Our dancers are never finished learning, even if their routines are on point, and the Street Jazz class learned some complicated new calypso steps today. The ceramic students are churning out breathtaking work and making it look easy in the process.

Luckily, after minor 1 someone found the cure for our problem. It was so simple…ater! But not just any water will do…the CIT’s treated us to some snow-cones during snack. It was a great solution to our infestation problem. After our minors, we had a very special dinner followed by a dance. Find out more about it and see all the swanky photos tomorrow!