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July 17th, 2015

An unexpected guest arrived at camp today and turned everything upside down…Everyone at Appel Farm was transported to a strange place called WonderAppel, where everything is in reverse! A few strange creatures were seen around camp, including a very exasperated rabbit, a strange man wearing a funny hat, and a queen & king! They were all set on looking for someone named Alice, and wouldn’t let camp go back to normal until we found her.

It started with our breakfast, which was actually dinner! The day began with pizza, and got even stranger from there. Our classes started with minor 2, then kept going backwards until Major 1. This sort of madness seeped into our classes, as some of the ceramics classes were using their feet on the pottery wheel! Luckily our campers are amazing, and were able to stay focused no matter what is thrown their way. Some of our stage makeup campers were turned into animals during class, but our rock bands seemed to go along as normal and play their songs. During the afternoon free choice, some campers helped the queen pain the white roses red as part of afternoon art!

Thankfully, during dinner, our talented campers and staff were able to find Alice and return normalcy back to Appel Farm! We continued the night with the Friday Night Concert, which provided us with some amazing entertainment. We had some great MC’s for the show to introduce each act, and every performer showcased their talent beautifully. We had a great trio with a classic Jackson 5 song by Ingrid, Will, and Lucy, as well as a terrific solo by Will. We also had great dance routines, as well as a beautiful duet by Allie and Sydney, and an original song by Jason on the electric guitar. The concert ended with an awesome rendition of a Jimmy Eat World song by the rock band Wellington and the Ukuleles. It was an amazing concert to end a crazy day. We also had some guests join us on stage at the end to help us sing the Appel Farm song. Some of our camp alumni joined us for the concert to see what the campers are bringing to Appel Farm this year. It was great to see some familiar faces back at camp, if only for a night.