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July 14th, 2015: Trip Day!

Today started with thunderstorms and a LOT of puddles, which you don’t think would be the recipe for a great day, but here at Appel Farm it is. Because of the thunder and lightning, we had to stay longer at our first major, which is perfect because the campers had more time to throw clay on the wheel, create amazing drawings and paintings, play beautiful music, take pictures, and work on their plays! Getting stuck in your class is never a bad thing here. After majors, we all departed on our bunk trips. South campers traveled to the Philadelphia zoo to spend the afternoon with animals, North went back to Avalon to enjoy another beach day, Coop got to go to Ocean City to explore the boardwalk and the beach, and Hill campers got their thrills at Six Flags amusement park (Stay tuned for more images from all of the trips). Once everyone got back to camp, we had the chance to get cozy and curl up to watch a movie.