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July 12th, 2015

Yesterday we had an amazing afternoon and night filled with performances and art shows from our two week campers! Although it was sad to see them go this morning, they definitely went out with a bang. The performances started off with our horseback riding crew, who showed us some amazing moves right here at Appel Farm. How many people do you know who can stand on a moving horse? It was pretty amazing to watch. Next we had our theater performance, where our two-week campers put on a production of Drop-Dead Juliet, which was a hilarious spoof on the classic Shakespeare play. It’s hard to believe they were only working on it for two short weeks!

After dinner we strolled over to the Art Gallery to see the art and photo show. There were very impressive works by our campers, including some functional ceramic whistles, beautiful paintings and prints, and some photos printed in the darkroom. Later we went back to the theater to watch what the video department has been up to. They produced some very funny trailers for comedies and action thrillers, and even our classic Apple Farm News. There was also a slideshow that showcased all the great things the sports and swim campers were doing in their tennis, team sports, and swimming classes. Finally, we had our dance show. The theme this session is STATIC and all of the dances captivating, and we got to see how much their hard work really paid off. When the show was over, we said a nice goodbye to the two-week campers and sung them a song to let them know how much they mean to us! To get everyones’ spirits up, we ended the night with some well-deserved cake.

Check back tomorrow to see some photos from the carnival we held after visiting day!