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Welcome to our School Year Blog

Welcome to our School Year Blog

Welcome to the Appel Farm School Year Blog! Every day campers, staff, and parents will be treated to something new. Each day of the week will highlight a different theme and core value, so be sure to tune into your favorite segments.

We welcome guest bloggers from any member of our camp community, even parents, so get in touch if you have an idea! During the summer, we’ll turn our blog back over to Graham, our Camp Documentarian, so parents can read about the daily activities at camp. In the meantime, enjoy!


  • Motivation Monday — Find your artistic motivation! Connect to art and artists from all over the world!
  • Tidbit Tuesday — Feeling safe and comfortable at camp is so important. We think you’ll feel more comfortable when you have lots of information about our camp programs, operations, and community. Learn a new tidbit of camp information every week!
  • Welcome Wednesday — We have an awesome community at Appel Farm! Get to know our campers, alumni, staff, and parents!Let’s get started! Click on your link, below, answer the questions, and look for your self on our Welcome Wednesday blog sometime soon!

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  • Thinking Thursday — Explore the lessons that Appel Farm strives for in its mission including personal growth, self-awareness, self-esteem, acceptance, community responsibility, and more…
  • Fun Friday — Camp is fun, and we want to bring that fun to the school year! Let’s all have a good laugh and learn about all the fun things we will do at camp this summer!