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Hotline to High Art?

James Turrell and Drake


Drake’s Hotline Bling first showed up on the USA Top Singles chart in September of this year and there it has remained. This catchy tune blew up even more when the music video dropped.


Most had a laugh at Drake’s dance moves and enjoyed the countless memes and gifs. Which is hilarious but there is more to this video than a good beat and Drake’s dancing. .




Over the past few years Drake has been inspired by the contemporary artist, James Turrell. Turrell is a known leader in the Light and Space art community, these artists explore how geometric shapes and use of light could affect the environment and perception of the viewer. Here are some examples of Turrell’s work.




Drake’s Hotline Bling video is a great example of how art is universal. Musicians are often inspired by other platforms of art including visual art, dance and theatre. Remember this the next time you are feeling in an artistic slump!


If you’re interested in learning more about James Turrell, check out this Art 21 video: