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Hot Day at the Farm!

Hello families! It’s been a hot and busy day here at Appel Farm. Today, we’ve had majors and minors as usual (except for the sweltering heat), then for our evening activity we have a special guest performance!  Currently we have a few campers learning to dance in a workshop featuring our special guest, Pasión y Arte Flamenco( and later tonight they will get to watch them perform!

Everyone make sure to check out the video montage from our World Fair Campfire! 

Two-Week Camper Families, You’re Invited to our Two-Week Showcase, Saturday, July 8!

Part I:
3:45 Art + Technology Show @ Theater
Sports & Swim Video Feature @ Theater
4:15 Music Concert @ Theater
5:30 Visual Art & Photo Show @ Art Gallery
6:30 DINNER @ Dining Hall (for families with campers in Part I & II only)
Part II:
7:30 Theater Show: Hoodie @ Theater
8:10 Dance Show @ Theater

Please only attend the part of the showcase in which your child is performing.