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Horseback Riding, Blueberry Picking, and Bunk Activities!

Horseback Riding, Blueberry Picking, and Bunk Activities!

Hello parents!  Classes are still going well!  I tagged along to the farm for horseback riding!  It was so fun to see the kids interacting with the horses; they really do get the whole experience.  They start by preparing the horse to ride; they brush them, clean their hoofs, and saddle them up.  After walking the horses a bit the kiddos were able to hop on and start practicing their skills.  At the end of the day, it was time to clean up; they bathed the horses, put them away, and swept the barn.  They are not only learning how to ride the horses but how to care for them!  Photos are up on CampInTouch in the “Classes” album for today.

During afternoon free time today our littles will be going blueberry picking!  All the Northies will be accompanied our CITs!  The blueberries will be used at the salad bar for everyone to enjoy.

Tonight we will have Bunk Activities for the evening activity.  The campers will be doing projects and games with their bunkmates.  These activities are great because will help them get to know each other!  Check back tomorrow for photos.

Last nights evening activity is upon CampInTouch as well.  Have a lovely night!