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Healthcare at Appel Farm

Sniffles, bug bites, and head aches… Oh, my! It’s no fun feeling sick at camp, but the good news is that we can prevent most camp illnesses. For the ones we can’t prevent, we have a great team of Camp Nurses, Pediatricians, and the Infirmary Assistant that provide wonderful health care for our community.

Healthcare at Appel Farm

Each session, our healthcare staff includes two Camp Nurses licensed by the New Jersey State Board of Nursing who live on camp, at least one of whom is on camp grounds at all times during camp, and a Camp Physician who visits three times a week to treat campers, and is on call and available for telephone consultation at all times during camp. In case of an emergency, ISouth Jersey Healthcare at Elmer Hospital is located about 1 mile from Appel Farm.

Healthcare at Appel Farm includes treatment by our Camp Nurses and Camp Physician, as well as non-prescription medicines stocked in the infirmary, which are listed on the Camper Health Form. Parents are responsible for the cost of any healthcare (including prescription medicines, hospital or specialist care, x-rays, etc.) outside of the healthcare provided by Appel Farm. Be sure to include a copy of both sides of your medical insurance card so that we may quickly and efficiently provide care for your camper, and submit any charges directly to your insurance company.

Camper Health History and Healthcare Recommendations

Campers need to submit their most recent (within the the last 2 years) physical exam, along with a complete health history. Read your Camp Handbook for details about this required camp form.

Medication and CampRx

All medications, including vitamins and over-the counter medications, must be kept in the infirmary and will be administered by the Camp Nurses or Camp Physician only.

Most campers take medicine during our four main medication times, after Breakfast, after Lunch, after Dinner, or before Bedtime. Campers will enter the med line through the hallway behind the Infirmary, meet a Camp Nurse to take their medication, and continue down the hallway to resume their camp activities. At the beginning of each session, our staff will help campers remember to go to the Infirmary for their medications. If a camper continues to forget, a staff member will help the camper come up with a better plan for remembering, and take responsibility for making sure the camper comes at the scheduled times.

CampRx (for campers who take daily medications)

This summer, we are requiring that all prescription and/or over the counter medications for campers who take 2 or more daily medications be provided to our campers by CampRx. This program, which guarantees accurate, timely dosing and dispensing of your camper’s medications while they are away from home this summer is offered for all of our camp families, and even if your child only takes 1 daily medication, we encourage you to participate. This summer, we will split the fee with our families, reducing your cost to $15 for a 2 or 4-week session, in hope that everyone will participate.

CampRx is a family-owned Pharmacy that has been in business for more than 20 years. CampRx will package your camper’s medications in a customized, portable, watertight CampRx EasyPak, which will be delivered to camp before he or she arrives. Please keep in mind that all medication information needs to be submitted 30 days before Check-In Day. If you have any questions or concerns about registering, please contact CampRx, toll free, at 877-302-3881 or by email at

If your camper takes only 1 daily medication, or as needed medications, and you choose not to register with CampRx, please have your camper’s medications ready to turn in to the Camp Nurses during your health screening. If for insurance reasons you are not able to send your child to camp with medication for the entire session, you can mail medications during the camp session. Please be sure to mail all medications addressed to the Infirmary, rather than your camper, and in plenty of time before your camper’s medication runs out.

If the Camp Physician recommends a new prescription for your camper, a Camp Nurse will contact you to arrange to have the prescription filled and paid for as quickly as possible, and then we will be happy to pick it up.

Healthcare Screening

Yikes! Head Lice!

Before moving in on Check-In Day, you and your camper will meet with a Camp Nurse for a healthcare screening to review and update the Camper Health Form, identify signs of injury, illness or communicable disease such as the flu or head lice, and go over any current medical treatment or medications to be administered during camp. If a camper exhibits signs of a communicable disease, such as the flu or head lice, he or she will not be admitted into camp. Camp families are urged to do a screening before coming to camp, and keep children at home if they are sick.

Communication Regarding Your Camper’s Health

Infirmary Phone (856) 358-2476

Once camp starts, you can contact the Camp Nurses directly, or leave a voicemail at our infirmary. At least one Camp Nurse will be on camp at all times, but may not be able to answer the phone when you call. Camp Nurses collect messages regularly and will get back to you within 24 hours.

A Camp Nurse will contact you if your child needs to go to the hospital for any reason, if the Camp Physician recommends a new prescription, if your camper is running a fever of over 100°F, or if he or she needs to stay in our infirmary overnight. Though we generally do not call home each time a camper comes to the infirmary, if you would be more comfortable speaking to a Camp Nurse more frequently, please feel free to make that request during your camper’s healthcare screening on Check-In Day.