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Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day from us here at Appel Farm!

To celebrate, we have an exciting parade for our campers led by our Grand Marshal, Albert Appel!

Yesterday, the campers had great fun at our Beach Day eating ice cream, splashing around in the water, and exploring the lovely Avalon, NJ.

Today as we celebrate the Fourth of July, let us reflect with some inspiration from the words of our dear Sarv Bluestone:

          “We live in exciting times. In all my life I have never felt as thrilled to be alive as now. Change is more than a slogan. It is in the very air we breathe. This is a time, for the first time, when people are not only changing their world but themselves as well. And we are part of that.

          We are—right here—right now—the wave of the future. We are the inheritors of the revolution.

          It began two hundred and thirty-two years ago. A small group met, faced the darkness and took a giant step into the unknown. We celebrate that then and now.

          Today we celebrate revolution. We celebrate the continuing American revolution. Long live the American Revolution!”

At Appel Farm, we celebrate independence and freedom everyday. We celebrate individuality, personal freedom, and the freedom to express oneself free from judgement. We stand as a community, celebrate one another, and stand up against all injustices. As we celebrate this Independence Day, let us also celebrate our beautiful community filled with love and freedom!