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Guess Who’s Teaching at Family Camp?

Guess Who’s Teaching at Family Camp?

We’re so excited about Family Camp Weekend and our Camp Reunion coming up November 3rd-5th! One of the best parts about Family Camp is that you get to take classes with some of wonderful Camp Counselors! Check out some of the people that you’ll get to hang out with all weekend!






AMY – Our fearless Head of Coop & theatre director will be teaching improv, group theatre games, and a funny “Top 40 Monologues” class! Yahoo!


BONNIE –  Do you wanna take a picture? Bonnie, our Head of Photography, will be teaching cynaotypes and photograms! 


ELLA – We love our Program Director! Join Ella as she teaches us how to use pinhole cameras, write blackout poetry, and create haiku-grams!


FAY – With years of experience teaching music at Appel Farm, we’re excited that she’s joining us to teach a variety of fun music classes! 


JACK – We’ll be dipping into some Art + Technology with Jack’s “Movie Recreations” class, venture into the world of storytelling — and, of course, Stage Combat!


JAMIE – Create your own comics with the sweetest visual arts instructor, Jamie!

Stef.STEF – She’ll be teaching hand drumming, Australian sports, tie-dye, and “How Not to Get Invited To Dinner.” Not sure what that is? Guess you’ll have to join us to find out!


ZOUNGY – He’s a camp legend, and he’ll be teaching watercolors seascapes, acrylic painting, and drawing.