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Green Corps Scavenger Hunt

Appel Farm Arts Camp is the perfect camp for kids who love exploring the outdoors…

And there is no better place to do it then on Appel Farm’s 176 acres of land!

South Jersey is home to an amazing community of critters that include deer, raccoons, woodchucks, opossoms, skunks, chipmunks, cottontail rabbits, heron, vireos, thrushes, snapping turtles and salamanders.  In our Green Corps program, our campers discover our local flora and fauna while completing projects that foster the connection between the arts and the environment.

Here is a fun Scavenger hunt from our Green Corps program that you can try at home:

Nature Scavenger Hunt

•  Something fuzzy

•  Two kinds of seeds

•  Two pieces of man-made litter

•  Something straight

•  Something round

•  Something smooth

•  Something soft

•  Something rough

•  Two different kinds of leaves

•  Something that makes noise

•  A chewed leaf

•  An unusual rock

•  Something you think is beautiful

•  A pinecone or an acorn

•  Something with a color other than green

•  Something variegated

•  A stick

•  Something you think of as a treasure

And finally, here’s the art connection: something that has a texture that you can use for a printmaking project – a leaf, a fern, a fossil, etc.

For this printmaking project, you will need 2 sheets of paper (one sheet to print on and one sheet to use as a cover sheet – copy paper works well), a spoon, acrylic paint and sponge brushes.  Use your sponge brushes to apply paint directly to your found object.  Place your painted object paint – side down on a sheet of paper and then place your cover sheet on top of it.  With your spoon, gently apply pressure to your object, carefully rubbing.  Remove your cover sheet, lift  your object and repeat until you create a pattern of prints which cover your entire page.