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Goodbye to All Our Two Weekers!

The two week session has come to an end.  We are so sad to see our two weekends go.  We had such a wonderful time getting to know these remarkably talented campers.

Today was the two week showcase!  The campers got to show us all they learned in such a short period of time!  We started out the show with the art and technology, sports and swim show.  This portion of the show was all videos that the kids created or of them in their classes.  Next, was the music concert.  This concert was campers of all different skill levels and music forms performing a number of different songs.  We took a break from sitting in the theater and headed to the gallery to see the visual arts and photography show.  Afterwards we saw a play called Hoodie performed by the two week theater campers.  We ended the night with the dance show.  The final show covered a number of different dance forms; from modern dance to vogueing.  Everyone one of our campers are so talented, it was amazing to see what they produced in just two weeks.

Following tradition, we bid farewell to our two week kiddos in song.  We sung them “Happy Together” by the Turtles while performing the man dance.  All our two weekers sat on the stage for the last time and watched us sing.  Even though they are leaving tomorrow, we will always be connected.  Appel farm for life.