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Getting into the Groove

It’s been an incredibly fun and productive day here at Appel Farm. Even though the campers have only been here for a couple days, everyone has been focused on their projects and creating some incredible work. The official rehearsals for the theater department are well underway, and the campers are super enthusiastic about their parts. The rock bands and music groups are sounding more and more fantastic as they practice for performance week. The dance department was working hard practicing routines for performance week as well! All across camp the campers are learning new skills and working to create something they’re proud of every day. The art barn is constantly bustling with creative energy; the ceramics classes have been learning to throw on the wheel, painting classes have been practicing gradients, drawing classes started self-portraits today, and sculpture classes are creating 3D animals in motion!

We also had our first pizza party at the pool for lunch today with all of South, the campers had a great time eating pizza then taking a dip in the pool. During tonight’s evening activity each bunk will be participating in bunk activities! Each bunk will choose an activity like tie-dyeing, trash bag fashion shows, spa-day, or even made-up sports. This is a wonderful chance for campers to hang out, have some fun, and bond. Tonight will also be the first overnight camping trip for the North girls!

Check this link to see pictures from classes today, as well as photos of the staff concert!