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Free Time at Appel Farm Arts Camp

It’s all about balance. You’ve heard how busy your children will be, with four classes a day, bunk clean-up and community responsibilities, trips and special events… When do they relax and decompress? When do they hang out with friends and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine? Free time!

With free time scheduled every afternoon and evening, and all day on Sunday, Appel Farm is committed to helping campers to balance their busy camp schedule with relaxing, fun, arty, or sporty activities of their own choosing!


Early Birds

7:30 – 8:30 AM

If the sun is up, you can be up! Early risers may want to read, go for a jog, go for a swim, or hang out with some other “Early Birds” at a picnic table in front of your bunk area.

  • Lap Swimming
  • Yoga and Fitness Classes

Afternoon Free Choice

5:00 – 6:30 PM

Relax and have fun! Go swimming, play tennis or basketball, try a new project at Afternoon Art, or hang out with your friends at your bunk area.

  • Free Swim: This is a perfect way to cool down and have fun with your friends! The pool will be open most days for Free Swim during Afternon Free Choice.
  • Sports: The Sports & Swim department organizes games and tournaments in basketball, softball, hockey, soccer, tennis, etc… They also introduce us to sports from around the world, like rounders and net ball!
  • Afternoon Art: The Visual Arts department runs Afternoon Art most afternoons. Campers can drop in to do a new project every day. Projects like Aboriginal Dot Art, T-Shirt Surgery, and Paper Making are great for artists at all levels!
  • Library: Check out a book. Relax under a tree or in your bunk with a good story…
  • Bunk Areas: Each bunk area will have fun, optional activities as well. Wink/Lap Tag, Face Painting, Apples to Apples, Dance Parties, and Jam Sessions are all activities we’ve had in the past. Letter Writing and Video Letter activities will help you keep in touch with your families!

Late Night Fun Time

8:30 PM – 9:30 PM for South, 10:00 PM for North, and 10:30 PM for Coop and Hill

Join your friends for a snack in the Dining Hall, go to Actor’s Studio, or hang out at your Bunk Area.

  • Actors Studio: The Theater Performance department runs Actors Studio during Late Night Fun Time most nights. Sessions are designed for campers interested in exchanging ideas and performance techniques, discussing character development and approaches to acting, and for delving into the actor’s world in greater depth.
  • Open Mic: Have a song or poem you are working on? Our weekly Open Mic nights in the Libary are a great place to showcase your talents for your friends!
  • Bunk Areas: Each bunk area will have fun, optional activites in the evening as well. Spend your free time with friends playing Freedom or Tin Foil/Flashlight Tag, both Appel Farm favorites! Here are some other activities we have loved in the past: Poetry Slam, Knitting, Theater Olympics, and Frienship Bracelets.


Sundays at Appel Farm

Free Time and Workshops from 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM, 2:30 – 6:30 PM

Every other Sunday at camp is a relaxing day filled with great choices! Campers can sleep in and enjoy a late breakfast at 9:00 AM, and then spend the morning choosing between relaxing at the bunk area, playing with friends, or attending one or two Workshops. After lunch and rest hour, campers have more free time! They can choose two more Workshops, go to free swim, or relax and hang out. After a week of diving into the arts, majors, minors, special events, and tons of interesting and mind-engaging activties, we love our Lazy Sundays! Because sometimes, you just don’t feel like doing anyting…


Workshops are hour-long lessons, offered once a week for Evening Activity and throughout the day every other Sunday, that allow campers to learn outside of their majors and minors. Campers often find it difficult to narrow their interests down to just four main activities, so workshops allow them to dabble in other program areas!

Workshops are offered in our core programs as well as other fun and interesting art forms! Examples of past workshops include : Stage Combat, Drum Circle, Papermaking, Pin Hole Cameras, Yoga, Water Ballet, Claymation, Songwriting, Irish Dancing, Rocket Building, Audition Techniques, and more!