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Found Art and Earth Day at Appel Farm

Tomorrow, April 22nd, is Earth Day. Every year, Earth Day is celebrated worldwide as a demonstration of support for environmental protection.

Creating a piece of art from found objects is an ideal way to celebrate Earth Day and a perfect example of the recycling slogan “renew, reuse, recycle” in action. The term “found art” describes art created from objects that are not normally considered art. Marcel Duchamp was the originator of this in the early 20th century.

In Philadelphia, we have great examples of found art. The Philadelphia-based artists group, the Dumpster Divers create art using discarded materials from everyday use. Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, located at 1020 South Street, is the home of Isaiah Zagar and his wife. In 1994, Zager began collecting and using broken bottles, bicycle wheels, discarded plates, and other “trash” to create sculptures and murals to adorn the walls of his home and garden. For $5, you can tour this unique recycled mini museum.

This Sunday, April 27th, Appel Farm will be hosting its own Earth Day celebration. Earth Day at Appel Farm invites 2014 campers, their families, and any families interested in possibly attending Appel Farm this summer, to join us for an afternoon of fun, outdoor activities at 12:00 pm and a camp tour at 2:00 pm.

Festivities include the planting of our organic garden, a healthy lunch, live music and a chance to create your own piece of found art. Using leftover fabric scraps, yarn, string, toilet paper and paper towels, tin foil and anything else that you can find, you will have the chance to make your own “up-cycled” sculpture.  Head of North, Melissa Tevere, and Head of Visual Arts, Jessica Padilla, will be leading this fun art project.  The found art sculpture, below, was created by Appel Farm camper, Chloe Tevere.

We hope you can join us for Earth Day at Appel Farm! For more information, or to let us know that you are coming, clikc here.