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#TBT Faces of Appel Farm

#TBT Faces of Appel Farm

Sarv has a piece of our hearts, a corner in each Appel Core, a place at our picnic table, a seat on our golf cart, and all of the walls in our Dining Hall…

Among his many talents is photography, and more specifically, capturing the Faces of Appel Farm. He posts portraits on the walls in our Dining Hall throughout each summer, and we all love them!

Here’s what Sarv says about his portraits:

“I love portraits. Always have. The old masters could capture a moment in the soul of a person. For me this was magic.

Over the past twenty-eight years, I have enjoyed the privilege of taking portraits of the campers and staff at Appel Farm. I use the word “privilege” advisedly. It takes a great deal of trust to look into the glass eye of a camera and be yourself. I am honored so many have done this. Then my job is simply to press the release.

Faces of Appel Farm are portraits that I take over the course of the summer. Enjoy.”

Sarvananda Bluestone
Head Counselor

So, recently, Sarv took years of faces and posted them on Facebook. We are all going nuts over them, commenting on our younger selves, remembering our favorite camp stories, and getting back in touch with long lost camp friends. It’s the best TBT ever.

You can find Sarv’s Faces of Appel Farm on our Appel Farm Campers & Alumni group on Facebook here!

Sarv is our Head Counselor, and if you haven’t already, you will meet him on Check-In Day this summer! Maybe your face will end up on a wall in the Dining Hall!