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An Evening With Friends of Appel Farm

Hello parents!  The kids had a blast at their evening activities last night.  One workshop was called counselor safari, the counselors dressed like animals and hid then the kids had to find them all!  There was another workshop where they all got to paint pictures together and another called Golf Ball.  Golf Ball is like baseball in motion, the kids hit the ball and then they chase it.  The photos from the Group Workshop are now up on CampInTouch in addition to a series by Zoungy titled, “The Faces of Golf Ball”.  This is a fun series depicting the kids before and after an intense game of Golf Ball!(The after photos are editing)

The camp was visited today by Marty McFly and Doc Brown!  They were trying to go back in time to Sarv’s first day at camp but there was a problem with the flux capacitor!  As a result time was reversed!  We started the morning with dinner for breakfast, then majors and minors were swapped, later we will have breakfast for dinner!

All our friends are coming back!  Today is Alumni Day so past campers and counselors are coming to An Evening With Friends at Appel Farm event.  This is a wine and cheese social event.  After the event alumni are welcome to join us to watch the campers perform in the Friday Night Concert.

The kiddos have been preparing for the concert in tech and they are excited to show some new friends what they have prepared.  I will post more on the concert tomorrow!

Have a wonderful evening!